Salient Investment Holding

providing the utility for a stable investment vehicle through SIH Tokens

Your SIH tokens:

have a Buy Back Guarantee
are Insured against theft and business failure!
are backed by assets (Property, Developments & Yachts)
Reward you with returns paid in Stablecoin

Slide OPTION 2
Token Holding
Deposit Protection Guarantee
on your account balances
up to $100 000 per user wallet
Get your money to
WORK for you using SIH
and GROW your net worth!
Create an account on our platform
Start with as little as 100 SIH

You get monthly returns
From 1% to 4% and above
paid into your account

Earn USD Stablecoin commissions
from 6% upwards
by referring Investors

All custodial funds are stored securely with
BitGo and are insured for $100 million
Use your own wallet
where you have full control
at all times!

You get monthly returns
From 1% to 4% and above
paid directly to your wallet!

Minimum investment is to
hold 1000 SIH or more
Held in your wallet for 30 days

We recommend having
at least 5000 SIH or more

(This is due to the high fluctuations
on Ethereum gas fees needed
to process each payment)
View this Video
for more details!

Slide All transactions are processed within Fireblocks The only security platform that insures assets in storage, transfer and for E&O with an unprecedented $30M insurance policy Insurance Security Disaster Recovery Service Enterprise-grade multi-layer security exceeds industry standards with SOC II Type II Certification, regular pen-tests and next generation MPC-CMP and hardware isolation Protect Assets from lost device or service interruption risks Slide All user funds are secured and stored with BitGo Trust Security 100% cold storage technology in bank-grade Class III vaults and is also
SOC 2 Type 2 certified
Multi-sig wallet Protects against any single point of failure featuring robust rules for co-signing, rate limits, address whitelists and others.
No single person has access to Funds and requires Multi-Admin approvals
Insurance Assets held in BitGo Trust qualified custody are covered by its
$100 million insurance policy
Compliance Licensed, Qualified & Regulated
Financial Institution
Slide Salient Investment Holding has gone a step further
and provides additional insurance through Coincover
Security Government-standard security protocols and access control
with F2 832 Class A Vaults.
Regulatory compliant UK-domiciled
and registered with the FCA
Insurance An insurance-backed guarantee
for your deposits
underwritten by Lloyd’s of London
Deposit Protection Guarantee Business continuity and disaster recovery protection for your crypto assets in the event that SIH ceases operations due to business failure, systems failure or data loss. Up to $100 000
per wallet