Admiral 50

Currently out of the main admiral moulds and being built as a basic Day Charter Cat.


The market price for these Catamarans is over $500 000
Our valuation (at Stage 1) is $150 000. 

This is for a bare Power boat with SAMSA commercial endorsement
2x 50hp Diesel inboard engines
Certificate of fitness (seaworthy)
(no Sails / rigging)


You can watch your money grow!

A roadmap is included below with the remaining milestones and values that will apply. 
Actual build progress will be tracked and posted on the roadmap.
Insurance will be updated and published accordingly.


Fractional Ownership
A shares certificate confirming the portion of fractional ownership will be issued to each investor.

Following completion the yacht will be sold and profits shared with investors as follows:
The capital investment will be repaid
Interest of 24% per annum will be paid out pro rata for the period on the capital
A bonus of 6% will be paid on investments placed for longer than 6 months.


Coming next
For longer term investors there is no need to cash out when the Admiral sells.
Their investment in part or in full can transfer to Salient One
(the “TAG” pictured at Zululand Yacht Club, in the relevant part of this website).
We plan to complete that build next, on the same basis of the Admiral build

Admiral Yacht Summary
Designed for marine charter or for the family and friends

Full sail away FOB with basic equipment and finishes
US$ 400 000 FOB


4-6x  cabins
Sun deck & Cockpit