Affiliate Program

Why did we choose an Affiliate Marketing Program?

We decided to use the best form of advertising: Word of mouth!
We want our own happy investors to refer us to their friends, family and colleagues!
So we decided to reward you with referral commission in USD.

Does it sounds like a Ponzi scheme or looks like a Pyramid ?

Our affiliate program is only a fraction of the complete ecosystem. It is limited to our platform and even then its only on the purchase of SIH tokens through our platform! 

We have no initiation / membership / annual fees. No gifting nor training.
We do not control nor limit how you structure your network, go as wide as you can!
Your investment remains yours and under your control, publicly visible on the blockchain.
You receive rewards on your investment in stablecoin and your commission is paid in stablecoin not SIH tokens.

We are extensively insured. We had to meet the criteria of the underwriters before qualifying for their cover.

How it works

Commissions on every Investment purchase

Referral Commissions are paid on initial investments and
when investments are increased later!
First level of commission starts from 6% for Direct referrals
with 7 levels of commission based on your rank.
Total commission available is from 10% to 16%

Unlimited Uni-level referrals

There is no limit on how many people you can refer!

However, there is a limit on the total SIH tokens available, so make sure to buy your own SIH investment too!

Affiliate Ranks

Starter Rank

No Min investment

Level 1 = 3.0%
Level 2 = 1.0%
Level 3 = 0.5%
Level 4 = 0.2%
Level 5 = 0.1%
Level 6 = 0.1%
Level 7 = 0.1%

Total = 5%

Standard Rank

Min investment of
1 000 SIH

Level 1 = 3.5%
Level 2 = 1.5%
Level 3 = 0.5%
Level 4 = 0.2%
Level 5 = 0.1%
Level 6 = 0.1%
Level 7 = 0.1%

Total = 6%

Advanced Rank

Min investment of
5 000 SIH

Level 1 = 4.0%
Level 2 = 2.0%
Level 3 = 1.0%
Level 4 = 0.5%
Level 5 = 0.2%
Level 6 = 0.2%
Level 7 = 0.1%

Total = 8%

Premium Rank

Min investment of
10 000 SIH

Level 1 = 4.5%
Level 2 = 2.5%
Level 3 = 1.5%
Level 4 = 1.0%
Level 5 = 0.5%
Level 6 = 0.5%
Level 7 = 0.5%

Total = 11%

Why SIH is NOT a Pyramid Scheme

Up-front enrollment / membership fees or gifting
Your free account gives you a link for inviting friends
Mandatory training / minimum membership period
Your investments determine your ranking
Network structure is regulated (to channel income)
You can go as wide as you can and 7 levels down
Rewards are paid in same currency / token
Rewards are paid in USD Stablecoin
No disclosure of transactions nor investors
Transactions and holders are publicly visible on the blockchain
No disclosure of ownership nor assets
The team, assets and rewards are publicized
No guarantees
We have a Buyback Guarantee
No security of funds
Your funds are secured in Enterprise Grade Cold Storage
with Multi-signature Access Approval
No insurance on your funds
Your funds have an insurance-backed guarantee
against both Theft and Business Failure
No KYC and no AML policies
We have an AML policy and do KYC
This is required for compliance by our insurers