Do you want life on an exotic island while earning USD?

Its like being on holiday but all the time!

If you or family want to emigrate?  Now more than ever is the right time!
Own shares in a Yacht & Business as an investor for the occupation permit into Mauritius. 

Buy parts of this package deal that includes the following:
– Shares in a completed 52ft power / sailing yacht, worth US $800 000.
     Additional to this, an income from chartering this yacht.
– A time share for staying on board and use of the yacht, depending on your contribution.
– Shares in a Charter business.
– Occupation permit to live in Mauritius for 10 years.
– Customizable options available.
– Payment directly in USD, into a Mauritius account to qualify for the occupation permit.


To start return on your investment, we have structured our system to initiate production of the Catamaran right away.
The relocation to Mauritius far outweighs the global economic climate and tax rates! An export company in Mauritius pays only 3% corporate tax

Company or private Asset and Chartering

Become proud part-owner of the brand-new yacht.
We will base it in Mauritius where they have 1,34 million tourists per year.
As a Chartering yacht we will budget for USD 2 000 per day for the bareboat. The boat will be available 20 weeks of the year for paid charters and the balance for owners and cleaning/maintenance.

The yacht will be registered in Mauritius and will be the asset of the company, providing excellent security.
(Or Privately owned depending on your individual investment goals)
There might be a few job opportunities to run the chartering operation of the business. 

On charter trips it will only be for max 6 pax plus 2x crew.

Occupation permit to live in Mauritius

From 4th June 2020, the minimum investment required to acquire an occupation permit (OP) as an investor, and live in Mauritius as a non-citizen, has been lowered to USD 50,000. The validity of an Occupation Permit has also been extended from three to 10 years. Apply for Permanent residency after 3 years. This type of permit enables non-citizens to reside or retire or open their own business in Mauritius.