Salient Investment Holding

SIH Tokens are the utility vehicle for a stable and effortless investment.

Why choose us?

We have extensive insurance coverage to safeguard your investment with us.

We diversify the portfolio across multiple opportunities so you don’t have to.

We offer great returns on your investment! You will never be left behind rising inflation. Our 2nd Tier Reward System pays out monthly returns above normal market rates.

The token value is sustainably driven up by the rewards in the long term.

Here's how to Grow your net worth

Create an account
in minutes for free

Create an account using
your Name and Email

Verify your Email address
from the link we email to you

Make sure to use a strong password

Buy SIH tokens or
Deposit Crypto / Fiat

Go the shop and purchase an
investment of SIH Tokens

Verify your account with the easy to use built in process.
(ID Document or passport and a selfie)

You can withdraw or compound your investment at any time

Sit Back
and Relax

Receive monthly returns
up to and over 4%
paid directly to your account

Watch your portfolio grow
It’s hassle free investing!

Earn additional rewards
by inviting your friends
using the referrals program


All users of our service must Verify their accounts (KYC).
This is done by clicking on the “Verify Me” button on your Account page, which will start our easy to use verification process.
Details found here….Verification

You will NOT be allowed to make any withdrawals until this process has been completed!

USD wallet Top-up

You can add funds to your USD wallet using the top-up feature.
You can add funds using cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or you by using Bank transfer Method.
Currently we accept bank transfers in Euro, New Zealand Dollars, South African Rand and British Pound

Crypto wallet Top-up

You can add funds to your Crypto wallets such Bitcoin using the top-up feature.

Payment for SIH Purchases using your USD wallet and Cryptocurrency

When making SIH purchases, you have payment options at checkout, to pay using a combination of your USD wallet balance and Cryptocurrency.

As an example, you want to buy SIH tokens to the value of $100 and your USD Wallet balance is only $60.
You can effect a partial payment of $60 from your USD Wallet, then pay the balance of $40 in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Why do we have the investment process working like an online shop?

Firstly, as security feature, the website application is completely independent from the blockchain network. So even if our application was breached by hackers, there is no way that funds could get stolen. All transactions processed within the website are free of charge as there is no blockchain interactions until you request a withdrawal to your own wallet. This includes sending funds to other users on the platform and purchasing SIH tokens with your USD wallet balance.

Furthermore, it allows us to process transactions step by step, to ensure all security and insurance protocols are adhered to and that each part is allocated correctly. You receive an email notification to keep you up to date upon completion of each step.

How the investment process works:

  • The customer purchases an investment package in SIH Tokens (eg: 100 SIH)
  • This purchase is placed as an order pending payment until the payment is received.
  • The customer then pays for the order. From the moment the transaction is broadcast from the customer’s wallet, it is fully insured in our Fireblocks account.
  • Once the payment transaction is confirmed, the order status changes to processing.
  • The 100 SIH tokens are then transferred from our SIH Creation Address to the insured custodial wallet with BitGo.
  • The customer’s account is then credited with 100 tokens in their SIH Wallet and the order process is completed.
  • After completion, affiliate commissions are then validated and approved.

How the affiliate payments are processed:

  • Referrals from the affiliate system are added to your affiliate dashboard on completion of each order.
  • The accumulated referral earnings are transferred to your USD wallet every week.
  • Your USD wallet is the second part of the insured custodial wallet with BitGo.
  • Yes, your investment is not the only part that is insured, all your rewards and earning are insured too!

How the rewards are processed:

  • All proceeds from token sales are deployed into the fiat business ecosystem and diversified as detailed in the white paper.
  • The profits from the above ecosystem are converted to stable coin. 
  • This is rewarded to qualifying SIH token holders as detailed in the white paper.
  • These rewards are transferred to the insured custodial wallet with BitGo and are credited to each customer’s USD wallet.

How withdrawals are processed:

  • The customer requests a withdrawal using the withdrawal form
  • All withdrawal requests go through a multi-step process on a daily basis.
  • These funds are requested from the insured custodial wallet with BitGo and withdrawn to our Fireblocks account.
  • Payments are made from there to each customer’s address as per withdrawal form.
  • To keep inline with security and insurance protocols, the above processes have to be approved by multiple Admins at each step. As such the withdrawal process can take 12 to 48 hours to process.

** Note:  

Yield payments on your wallet balances are calculated on the lowest balance after withdrawals for the weekly cycle.
Example 1:  You have 1000 USDT in your wallet and withdrawal 500 USDT on the Thursday, yield is based only on the balance of 500 USDT
Example 2: You have 500 USDT balance and deposit 500 USDT on Wednesday, yield is based only on the initial balance of 500 USDT for that cycle, but the next cycle will be based on 1000 USDT providing you do not make any withdrawals

How to compound your investment & returns:

  • The monthly rewards from SIH and other returns that you receive, are credited to your USD Wallet.
  • Your USD wallet balance can be used to purchase more SIH Tokens
  • The more SIH Tokens you hold; the higher the rewards you receive each month.