Introducing our innovative
2nd Tier Reward System

SIH is a token with a unique rewards system.
We use the Distributed Ledger Technology to enable our new concept of a semi-decentralized, digital financial investment system.
Normally, rewards are created through staking or mining, generating more of the same token.
These additional tokens, saturate the market, driving down the value of the token.

SIH is the first cryptocurrency to give you a monthly stablecoin reward.
These rewards are derived from profits generated by our business ecosystem in the FIAT world.
Paying them has no negative effect on the SIH market price.

Furthermore, these stablecoin rewards counter cryptocurrency market fluctuations and drive up the value of the token.
You now have the option to take the USD stablecoins as profit or buy more SIH, compounding your investment!

Therefore, you will never want to sell your SIH tokens!

Actual Performance Achieved from Pre-Sale


USD Value

Comparison Chart

Total value of Tokens Sold

Total USD Paid in Rewards

Current Asset Value

$ 288 686
$ 125 180
$ 580 000

38.5%     Current Average Annualized Return
3.2%     Monthly Average since launch
(The above figures are without any compounding)

This was achieved with our sister company Salient Yachts

Asset value includes tools and equipment, plant and machinery, moulds and jigs, as well as our first Carbon Composite 50ft Catamaran Yacht

Salient One
Is a Charter Catamaran, with basic finishes, valued at $500’000.
This is chartered out to boost the monthly rewards.

Planned upgrades to a Luxury Cruising Catamaran will lift the value to $1’500’000. 

Projections for the next 12 months


USD Value

Comparison Chart

Estimated Tokens Sales

Esitmated USD in Rewards to be paid

Estimated Asset Value

$ 2 000 000
$ 750 000
$ 3 700 000

Global demand for 50-60ft catamarans exceeds the supply. Lead times stretch for up to 5 years.
The funds from the sale of tokens will go into manufacture of 52ft and 60ft Cruising Catamarans starting from $685 000 each.

Our shipyard consists of 3500 m2 of factory floor space, with an additional 12 000 m2 of Concrete Yard space.
This currently allows us to build 4x Luxury 52ft Catamarans simultaneously!
We can upgrade our infrastructure further to enable us to build 8x Catamarans per year

The first of which will be branded as a partnership for advertising.
We have an agreement with a Yacht Charter Company to supply this branded yacht for day charters,
which will be chartered out, providing the advertising and to generate rewards.
Currently out of the main moulds and ready for the next phase towards completion in a few months.

Part of expanding our Manufacturing Centre, will include resin infused components and hulls using a specialized methodology,

to the standards of International approvals (Lloyds, CE, RINA).
 These will then move onto an assembly line for mass production of our Catamarans and our next line of 29ft Sea Cruiser boats.

Projected Growth

Global Sales Strategy

Pre-Launch Offering
283 000 Tokens were sold on a pre-sale for private funding and development.

Initial Offering
Tokens will be sold on suitable exchanges starting from $1,00 each
Utilizing our Ethereum <> Binance Smart Chain Bridge

We will initially sell through an IAO listing partnership:
600 000 tokens @ $1.00 each,

Thereafter, the remaining tokens will be sold at an increased price, based on reward payments and demand.

Private Placements
We will pursue private investments for Bulk (OTC) token sales.
Wholesale, Venture Capital and Institutional Investors are welcome to take part



Salient Investment Holding




100 000 000

Initial circulation supply

300 000







300 000

Sold as a Pre-Sale for Development



1 500 000

Allocated to the Team and Vested for 10 Years
Released over a 10-year period @ 150 000 per year
Starting January 2023



2 200 000

To cover any unforeseen circumstances

IEO’s Stage 1


2 000 000

IEO / IDO listings and launches, to be sold on various exchanges at a promotional price of $1.00 each

IEO’s Stage 2


6 000 000

IEO / IDO listings and launches, to be sold on various exchanges at a price of $1.00 each

Exchanges and
Liquidity Pools


8 000 000

To be added liquidity to Exchanges / DEX starting at $1.10 each

10 Year Distribution


80 000 000

Released over a 10-year period @ 8 000 000 per year
Based of expansion projects and voting by the community,
in our future governance program

Distribution Tokens will be listed at the going market price,
with the price of unsold tokens increasing every month according to the reward value.

Why not just stick to convention
Why a cryptocurrency token is needed
Investing conventionally takes or a lot of time
and requires skill and effort.
We handle the investments by incorporating them
to upscale our existing business ecosystem.
To have a secure, public record of investment ( DeFi ).
So that we can track and reward investors
Brokers and advisors levy related charges,
fixed terms and high withdrawal fees.
To make it affordable to pay monthly dividends internationally,
even on small amounts.
Growth is slow, interest and dividends are low.
SIH is currently realising an APR of more than 20%
Inflation erodes your investment and gains.
As the token value increases, so to does the value of your investment


Common Problems with Cryptocurrency
How SIH is Different
Benefit accrues ONLY when you sell off your token
SIH Holders get paid a monthly reward in USD stablecoins.
Thus, there is no need to sell off your SIH tokens.
Large token reserves held by the developers.
Normally less than 70% are available to investors
96% of SIH tokens will be available to the public
Token sales are used for launching and in development
SIH deploys all investment to upscale an existing ecosystem
Additional tokens are added to the market from
reserves or mining or staking
SIH has a fixed and limited supply
Token price diminishes as demand weakens
Token price is driven up by rewards.
Transparent pay-out performance is visiable on blockchain
Market volatility can cause a price crash
SIH offers a downside protection Buyback Guarantee
Restricted to limited investment spectrum
Our diversified business model facilitates risk management
You surrender control of your funds to a
smart contract, exchange or platform with NO guarantees
You have full control of your own wallet.
Our Platform is Secure and backed by Insurance

80 cents Low-Risk Buy Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our Buy Back Guarantee.
If you don't like our product, then we will gladly replace 80 USDT for every 100 SIH you bought,
regardless of how much rewards you have already received.
No questions asked!

We have included the buyback system directly into the platform.
You can trade your SIH tokens to USD stablecoins at 80c per token. This will also credit you with an available buyback at the same value.
If at a later stage you want to purchase more SIH tokens, you will be able to buy them back again for the same price of 80c per token that you received. 

This can also be seen as an interest free loan of 80% LTV on your SIH tokens.

Exchange Listings

Below is list where you can purchase and trade SIH - with more listings to follow
Please double check contract addresses on before making Dex Trades


Listed with the following pairs:

New Dex comming soon!


Listed with the following pairs:

Our Partners & Associations

SIH is listed in various crypto exchanges, price tickers and news agencies

Don't want to use our platform? No Problem!
Simply hold SIH tokens in your own wallet!

Buy the minimum 1000 SIH, deposit it into any ERC20 compatible wallet and hold it there for 1 calender month to qualify.
The monthly rewards will be paid directly to your own wallet every month.


February, 2018
February, 2018

Concept of Expansion

Original expansion plans based on using a masternode coin and ICO

November, 2018
November, 2018

Move to ERC20 based Token

Numerous issues were encountered with masternodes, networks, wallet sync etc.

It was then decided to move over to a well known blockchain for ease of use by the public.

Established token for testing.

March, 2019
March, 2019

Birth of our 2nd Tier Reward System

Utilize Stable Coin to pay the 2nd Tier Rewards

This feature eliminates the inherited issues of increased token supply and market sell off to gain investor profits

January, 2020
January, 2020

Proof of Concept

Final testing of token and rewards systems, while expanding investments and business models

JUNE, 2020
JUNE, 2020

SIH Token Created

SIH Token Created

Initial private sale and tokens distributed

JULY, 2020
JULY, 2020

First Dividends Paid

Investors from the initial private sale get their first dividends

Quarter 4, 2020
Quarter 4, 2020

Pre-Sale & Staking Pool

Pre-sale open to the public on various Exchanges.

Staking Pool - website development

January, 2021
January, 2021

Pre-Sale & Staking Pool

Launch of our Staking Pool Investing Platform

Due the High cost of exchange listing as well as commissions on IEO sales, we included an Investor Driven Marketing system within the platform to benefit our community.

Quarter 2, 2021
Quarter 2, 2021

Binance Smart Chain Bridge

Creating a bridge to exchange tokens between the Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain

Quarter 3, 2021
Quarter 3, 2021

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain promotions through liquidity pools and IDOs

Quarter 3, 2021
Quarter 3, 2021

Crypto Interest Earning Accounts

We will add more crypto wallets and interest can be earned on other major Crypto such BTC and ETH and USDT

Quarter 1, 2022
Quarter 1, 2022

Governance Program

We will add a governance program where the community will have voting rights for the next project we do. This can also apply to the release of tokens and what the min price they will be sold at.


Deployment of Funds

Funds from Token Sales deployed into business ecosystem for upcoming dividend payments

Meet the Core Team

Clinton Keene


Business Development & Forex 

14 years in construction and property development
New housing and Solar farms
Manufacturing, Procurement and Distribution
7 Years in cryptocurrency

Dudley Keene


Business Development & Operations management

7  years in manufacturing
17 years in procurement, marketing and distribution
18 years in construction, property development and projects

Leon Cloete



30+ years in Engineering & project management
Civil Infrastructure and Roads
Storm-water related projects

Cost effective turnkey solutions for housing and commercial sectors

William Hewitt


IT & Social Media.

15+ years in IT management and business infrastructure
E-Commerce Business and ICT Equipment.

Tim Harris


Accounts, bookkeeping & Auditing

45+ years Auditing & Accounting

Blockchain Partners

Gotbit Consulting and Development Division creates unique blockchain solutions: Cross-chain Swap Bridge, DeFi Trading Hedge strategies, Migration to BSC, Staking for ERC-20 Tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

One must purchase and hold at least 1000 or more SIH tokens for 30 days to qualify for dividends.
This is only applicable to Blockchain wallets, platform wallets do not have a min requirement.

The BUY BACK GUARANTEE serves to protect an investor whose circumstances forces them to sell off their holding at a time when the token value is low.

It also stabilizes the token value at a minimum of 80c.

Our Investing Platform has the BuyBack built in to your dashboard!

We use our own specially developed software to identify qualifying SIH holders.

We then make a direct stable coin payment to the SIH holding address every month.

The proceeds from all SIH token sales are deployed in expanding our existing business ecosystem.

Profits from this system are then converted to stable coins and paid over to the SIH token holders.

Your risk is limited to 20% (due to the Buy Back Guarantee at 80c and based on the launch price of $1)
The projected dividends are 30% for the first 12 months – The REWARD potential is greater than the RISK.
If you use our Investing Platform you will also have an insurance backed Deposit Protection Guarantee.

We assume this question stems from a concern for the security of your investment?
Much of our business is confidential and protected by relevant licenses and non-disclosure agreements.
To ensure peace of mind for public investors, SIH uses the CoinCover Deposit Protection Guarantee up to a maximum of $100 000 per wallet.
Our confidentiality agreements limit us from sharing information about our business partnerships,
unless this is preceded by the conclusion of confidentiality agreements with the concerned party.
This is a time consuming and expensive process. We only do it with institutions like our insurers (due to money laundering regulations).
For private investments exceeding $100 000 , we offer collateral, audit reports or project linked investment (depending on the size of the investment).


The reward program offers 2 different types of reward.
There are Dividend rewards, which are paid monthly and are based on the value of your investment (ie how many SIH tokens you own / hold).
Then there are Commission rewards, which are based on your performance of marketing referrals.
Creating an account is already free. So, anyone with an account could then refer investors and receive the proportionate commission.

Remember the Marketing system only refers to the SIH tokens on the platform, which is Option 1!
Its made to help people who don’t have investment funds to build up a network and earn something.
Look at it as if our users are doing the advertising for us, instead of us paying for advertising.

Option 2 is to Buy tokens, deposit into your own wallet and hold it there. At the end of each month you will also get rewards without using the platform.